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    Custom foot orthotics in and around Montréal

    "Designing orthoses is an elaborate process: for long-term results, it is essential for the podiatrist to possess an accomplished understanding of all foot issues as well as your other related health concerns."

    At Clinique Podiatrique Duopied, we believe that the diagnostic phase is essential before recommending foot orthoses to our patients. In that perspective, through a proper examination and an informed diagnosis, our podiatrists determine whether the orthoses are truly necessary.

    • 1Biomechanical evaluation by a experienced podiatrist
    • 2Competent analysis of your results and identification of the best long-term solution for your foot condition.
    • 3Custom-made orthotics using a perfected and detailed process.
    • High quality materialsWe have chosen a multitude of materials to answer your specific foot care needs, including graphite, which allows the creation of thin, lightweight orthoses.
    • Easily adapted to normal shoesWe ensure that our orthotics are designed to fit your everyday shoes comfortably and without effort.
    • Cutting edge technologyTo certify evaluation excellence, our team of podiatrists uses state-of-the-art equipment such as the gait scan, a computer-assisted program that analyses your feet and posture.

    Get access to a team of 3 podiatrists led by Dr. Glenn Hébert, Podiatrist

    « Our personalized and detailed approach is what sets us apart; we truly believe it is the key to our success and to your well-being »

    Highly implicated in his profession, Dr. Glenn Hébert, Podiatrist, has a strong record of collaborative involvement in the podiatric field.

    • 20 years of experience, and a member of the Quebec Order of Podiatrists
    • Holds a Doctorate degree of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) from Temple University in Philadelphia
    • Former president of the Continuing Education committee of the Quebec Order of Podiatrists
    • Presided over the first committee responsible for the development of the Doctorate degree of podiatric medicine at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, where he was a professor and a clinician
    • Volunteer podiatrist for the Special Olympics Fit Feet program.