Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

Bunions (hallux abducto valgus or hallux valgus) in a foot joint change involving 2 bones, that of the 1st metatarsal and that of the big toe (hallux). The hallux turns laterally or towards the other 4 toes, creating a bump on the side of the hallux.

Over the years, the bunion may grow or change shape due bony deposits. This foot problem is mostly caused by a mechanical problem of the foot, including flat feet, high-arch feet, and short 1st metatarsal. However, the cause may also be genetic or associated with a trauma at the joint level at one point in the patient’s life. Most bunions grow slowly over many years. Symptoms of bunions include pain, inflammation, redness, burning, numbness, loss of mobility and joint cracking. These symptoms will worsen with shoes, skates or ski boots that are too narrow, too short or those that lack arch support.

Bunions are more common in women than in men.