Treatments of Flat Feet

Generally, flat feet do not need to be corrected. If there is pain associated with flat feet, custom-made orthotics/orthoses may be prescribed by your podiatrist. Furthermore, physical therapy may compliment these insoles to encourage rapid healing.

With our very young patients with flat feet, longitudinal arch pads may be added to the shoes to ensure proper arch support during growth.

Running shoes made for ‚Äėpronation‚Äô have elements in the construction that may aid the flat foot.

Although a patient’s weight is not the primary issue with flat feet, maintaining a healthy weight will have a positive effect on most symptomatic flat feet.

On occasion, the patient with flat feet may have to avoid any repetitive exercise and most jumping exercises/sports.

Surgery is rarely necessary and involves a surgical block/fusion of the foot bones to minimize motion and thus pain in the symptomatic flat foot.